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The Top Reasons to Add Protein to Your Daily Diet


Many people think having a vegan diet isthe best way to keep and stay healthy. To a certain extent, this is a good choice for maintaining a correctly working body. However, many vegans believe eating meat is the only way to get protein. This is not true, you can receive all the protein you need with a vegan diet.

Protein is needed for muscle, bone, skin, hair, and virtually every other body part, cell and tissue. Protein is an amino acid need for the body to repair cells, tissues, and organs. Without the proper amount of protein, your body can’t carry oxygen into your blood stream, it can’t power the many different chemical reactions in the body and it can’t maintain your organs in order for them to work properly.

All you need is one ounce of protein, per meal, to maintain the proper amount for your body. That can be once ounce of meat, any type of meat, which is a great source of protein. However, for a vegan diet, you need to include nuts and seed in your daily diet. Nuts and seeds have as much, if not more protein, than meat.

People need protein for the body to work properly. If you don’t get enough protein, you may suffer from:

·         Failure to grow

·         Loss of muscle mass

·         Decreased immunity

·         Weakening of the heart and respiratory system

Protein malnutrition can also lead to death. Protein is broken down in the body to make what is referred to as amino acids. The body can make amino acid from two different sources. Either from scratch or by modifying other sources of nutrients such as protein.

Protein is delivered to the body in the form of meat. The amino acid is in the meat. The other way to receive amino acid is to eat such foods as fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds. Although, they do not contain all the essential amino acids the body requires.

For a vegan diet, you can add fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds, but you’ll also need to add whey, flax seed or grains such as buckwheat. Whey is the by-product of cheese making. It contains all the essential amino acids the body requires. Amino acids and essential acids are not the same thing. An amino acids such as protein is just one of the building blocks the body needs. Whereas, whey, contains all the essential amino acids the body requires.

You do need to read the label on any product of whey you want to take. Some products have sugar added, high fructose corn syrup, and other chemicals that will eliminate the health benefits of taking whey. Pure whey will give you all the essential amino acids you require to maintain your body in a healthy condition.

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The Top 5 Effects of Nutrition on Your Health

Your body requires nutrition to keep your energy level up. However, many people use coffee, sodas and energydrinks to keep going throughout the day. Eating the right foods will keep the stress down as well as support and build your body up to good health.

Using the following will help maintain your health, and keep you in good spirits throughout the day. Eating the proper foods requires a daily dose of nutrition to starve away illness and disease.

The Top 5 Effects for Maintaining A Healthy Body

1. How To Maintain Proper Body Function

In order for your body to stabilize and regulate blood pressure, blood level, and rejuvenate cells, the body has to be in proper balance including the pH level. Eating green vegetables, fruit, and protein will keep the function of the body running smoothly.

2. How To Maintain A Healthy Weight

When you eat too much food at one sitting, the body floods the system with insulin. If you eat too much food all the time, the body develops diabetes, heart malfunctions and insulin resistance, just to name a few problems.  Keep to the proper amount of food per meal and keep your weight down to the proper weight for your body type.

3. How To Prevent Illnesses

Eating a vegan diet will prevent cancers, tissue disease, parasitical invasions, and bacterial infections from attacking the body. When the body is overweight, underweight, or not receiving the proper nutrition, disease will grab hold of the weakened body. If you’re overweight, use a proper diet to lose weight. You gain a healthier heart, blood sugar, and more energy to keep you going throughout each and every day.

4. How To Reduce Stress

Keep the level of caffeine drinks to a couple a day, eat foods that boost your immune system, and add stress relievers such as yoga or exercise to your daily routine.

5. How to Eat for Health and Nutrition

Add more fruits, vegetables, especially green vegetable, dairy and protein to your daily diet. Stay away from processed food since your body has a hard time processing them. Keep colas, soft drinks and caffeine down to a couple a day. This will help maintain your body, keep your immune system healthy, and keep away diseases and illnesses. Don’t forget to add exercise to your daily life to keep the body toned and working properly.

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Health and Nutrition Is the Only Way to Keep Your Body Healthy


Health and Nutrition go hand in hand. You really can’t have one without the other. Your body needsnutrients to be healthy. Without all the proper Vitamins and Minerals, includingcarbohydrates, fats, and proteins and exercise, you stand the risk of diseases such as heart, lung, and blood diseases.

Keeping your body healthy is a number one priority if you want to live a long, healthy life.

Others eat more than enough green vegetables and include fruit and protein in the diets. This is the trait of an Indigo Child eating a Vegan Diet.

The body requires carbohydrates, fats, and proteins to maintain health. You receive carbohydrates from grains, fruits and vegetables. You need carbohydrates for glucose. This is what your body uses for energy in the cells, tissues and all your organs such as your heart, liver, and kidneys. Without the right amount of carbohydrates, your body can’t remain healthy. Cancers and illnesses set in and if you’re not careful, can take your life.

Protein can be found in meat, poultry, seafood, beans and peas, eggs, soy products, nuts, and seeds. You need protein to maintain the cells in your body as well as the structure,  function and to regulate the body’s tissues and organs. Protein, once it’s processed in your body, is called amino acids. This amino acid works in the cells to rejuvenate, repair, and restructure the body’s cells. All you need is 1 ounce of meat, poultry or fish, ¼ cup cooked beans, 1 egg, 1 tablespoon of peanut butter, or ½ ounce of nuts or seeds daily for enough protein to keep your cells healthy.

Whether you like it or not, your body requires a certain amount of fat. The body uses fat to burn as energy. Of course, too much fat, and your cholesterol level rises, you gain weight, and the body stops working properly due to diabetes, heart disease or illnesses.

Eating green vegetables with a vignette dressing such as olive oil and vinegar will give you enough fat in your body to function correctly. You can also eat olives, avocados, and bananas will also give you the required fat your body needs.

That’s why Health and Nutrition go hand in hand to keep you healthy. Too much of any type of food is not good for the body. Keeping to a daily diet of fruits, vegetables, and meats including dairy products is the perfect way to maintain your health.

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